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Pre-Action Protocol Explained

Pre Action Protocol DLR Accountants

The Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims has been in force since October 2017. It is designed to encourage parties to communicate with each other about debts as early as possible and act reasonably, with the ultimate goal to prevent court

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Lower Your Costs When Starting A Small Business

Lots of people want to start their own business. It is exciting, and there is the feeling of being in control of your destiny, which is usually not the case if you are working for someone else. There are numerous

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What Does The Autumn Budget 2018 Mean For Small Businesses?

This year’s Autumn Budget delivered by Chancellor Philip Hammond had some interesting benefits for small businesses and sole traders. New spending measures will be created that will help businesses in various sectors.

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Switching Energy Suppliers Could Save Your Business Money

Many people are starting to switch their energy providers every year, whilst some people may sit back without knowing they could be saving a considerable amount of money for their business. Whether your business is based in a large built

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Why It’s Important To Track Your Marketing Budget

When it comes to business, a lot of people find themselves operating with a marketing budget slightly or significantly lower than what they would like. In this type of situation, whether we are talking about small business budgeting or the

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How Your Business Can Start Accepting Smartphone Payments

For many businesses, faster and more secure payment methods are key to their success. Smartphone payments can be said to be safer ways of accepting payments in many businesses, and have certainly proven popular.

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Are you Losing Money Because of Finance Management?

It’s entirely possible that your company is leaking thousands of pounds every year due to simple financial mismanagement. You’d be surprised how a few basic alterations to the way you prepare will have a great impact on your operation, saving

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How to Safeguard Your Finances if You’re Self-Employed

Although being self-employed brings many benefits, there are potential downsides also. Not only can work dry up and cut off your only source of income, but there are further worries over retirement, tax and insurance – aspects many full-time workers

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Financial Considerations For Business Start Ups

business start up

The opportunity to become your own boss is a draw that appeals to millions of people in the UK. Entrepreneurship is encouraged and anyone can set up their own business either as a sole-trader or limited company.

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What to Look for in Your Business’s Accountant


Hiring an accountant is a crucial decision to get right, especially during the vital start-up phase. Without one, key decisions can be missed at extra financial burden to your business. On the other hand, having accurate figures to work from

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